April 12, 2024  

Online Boat Administration Demo

After registering, members can add and edit boat listings with the Boat Administration section of seeBoat.com.  Add images, specifications and details that will get your boat noticed just by answering a few questions.

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Complete a short form to create a listing that will get your boat(s) noticed.

Site Guide
1.    From the select box, choose a previously entered listing to edit or add a new boat to the seeBoat.com database (brokers only).
2.    Manage the status of your boat's sale with the click of the mouse.
3.    Update your boat's make, model, and features with our user-friendly interface.
4.    Add a complete description or overview of your boat to entice potention buyers to act.
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Add specifications about your boat to create a complete
spec sheet that will really help you boat sales.

Site Guide
1.    Notice how a copy of the default image (if available) will follow your boat listing throughout the boat listing process.
2.    Add specs about dimensions, engines and tankage with our user-friendly interface.
3.    Add additional specifications with user defined headers, and copy. You can also include a list of items (seperated by a comma) that will be presented to the viewer in a bullet list. This system is simple and easy!
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Add images to compliment your listing, and drive more traffic.

Site Guide
1.    Click the browse button to view files (on your local system) for uploading. You can also add a caption of the picture to make your listing more compelling and complete. Checking the default image box will insure that image will be the first image to appear.
2.    The default image is listed first. If you have more than one default image, the images are arranged alphabetically by caption. A good way to order your images is by naming your captions in the order you would like the images to appear.
3.    Additional images (up to 10) will be listed below the default images. Click on the edit link to edit the caption, or press the delete to remove the image.
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Instantly view real time statistics showing interest in each listing.

Site Guide
1.    Once you've added your boat, you will have the ability to view real time statistics for each boat you have listed on seeBoat.com

Counter Started: Date boat was entered into system.

Total Views: Total number of times a browser has viewed the complete listing of that boat.

Featured Boat: This stat shows the number of times you boat has been a feature boat on the home page. NOTE: Boats are pulled randomly for this feature.

Contained in Folders: Number of users that have placed this boat into their own personal boat folder.

Emailed to a Friend: This stat shows the number of times a user has emailed this boat to a friend.
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