May 29, 2024 Poll Results
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No.    Poll Question    Start Date
1    What type of boat do you own (primary)?    06/26/02
2    How many months per year do you use your boat?    05/10/01
3    What Length Boat do you own? (really size doesn't matter)    10/20/00
4    Have you ever chartered a boat for a vacation?    10/20/00
5    At what age were you introduced to boating?    10/20/00
6    How many boats do you own?    01/01/00
7    Have you ever taken your boat on a trip farther than 200 miles? (the ships aground on the shore of this unchartered...)    01/01/00
At what age were you introduced to boating?

78%         When I was a wee morsal

2%         I want my blankee back

13%         When I was a young lad/lassy

6%         I was a strapping fellow

1%         Where's my kilt?

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